Side Project is run by Jane and Dan Beinart, a creative couple who live in Headington, Oxford

We are setting up this group because we recently attended an Experimental Drawing class at OVADA and really enjoyed being creatively challenged, doing something creative every week, and seeing and talking about other people’s work.  We wanted to continue this momentum and to start building a creative network in Oxford.

Jane Beinart is an artist, who has a part-time administration job and has her own business Be In Art – running fun, relaxing and non-traditional art classes for complete beginners.  She believes that everyone could benefit from having a little bit more creativity in their lives, and has found so far that taking part in Side Project has made her try out new things she wouldn’t have normally, and even given her ideas for her art classes.

Dan Beinart

Jane Beinart 2






Dan Beinart runs his own architectural visualisation business Blink Image, and enjoys doing photography on the side – describing it as a different way of seeing the world, and showing this to others.  He has found that Side Project has given him a reason to create outside work, and has really enjoyed doing some photography and drawing for it so far.