The idea behind the group

A monthly meetup in Oxford to share ideas, inspiration, and thinking with a group of creative people.  This will be a chance to meet other creatives, be inspired, and maybe even collaborate on projects.

Each month there will be a theme, which you can respond to in your own medium (this can be anything – 2D, 3D, video, music, spoken word etc).  You can then come along to the meetup and show your work to the group.

Who is this group for?

Creative people of all disciplines – artists, crafts people, photographers, musicians, poets etc.  You might create as your main job, or as a hobby outside of work, or maybe you don’t create that much and are looking for something like this to inspire you to create!

The group is for you if:

  • You like to create but find it hard to motivate yourself unless you have a specific project or timescale to work to.
  • Find it motivating and inspiring to hear other people talk about their creative processes
  • Want a side project to challenge you / take you out of your comfort zone and do something different to what you would usually do – to help inform or just take a break from your creative practice

How it works

Up to 10 people have the chance to show their work to the group (either in its original format or you can bring images on a memory stick) – with an allowance of 5 minutes per person.  We’ll each talk about the ideas behind our work and how we interpreted the theme, and then the group has a chance to ask questions.

The idea is that we will talk about our thinking and creative process and show the results, rather than critique the techniques or skills used.

The rest of the evening is a chance to chat to people informally.

(On arrival you can add your name to the list if you would like to stand up and show your work to people – on a first come first served basis).

You can see examples of the variety of work produced on our blog here.

If you haven’t made any work or don’t want to show your work there is absolutely no pressure – you can simply come along to see what others have produced.  We want this to be an informal and relaxed group.

Book your place on the next meetup here (bookings must be made in advance as we only have 15 places)

Where does the group meet?

We have just sorted a new venue and will be meeting in the upstairs bar of the Phoenix Picture House Cinema in Jericho, Oxford.

Join our Facebook Group

We have also set up a Facebook group which you can sign up and be part of, to be part of the discussion and share your work.  You might like to post your work on here after the meetup, if you want to contribute but can’t make the meetup, or want to be part of the group from afar!

Who runs this group?

Dan and Jane Beinart – find out more about us here.