‘Cinematic’ – 1st November

This month we were responding to the theme ‘Cinematic’, which was very timely as we managed to secure a new venue for our meetup group at the Phoenix Picture House cinema in Jericho just in time for this!

We had lots of great contributions this month including cinematic photos, a mixed soundtrack, a short story to go with a soundtrack, a drawing, a video of some live art, a short film, a witches cape (!) and a little bit of live art too.

Read on to see some examples of the work produced…..

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‘Photograph’ – 4th October

This month we were responding to the great black and white photo above, which was taken by John Blythe, a local artist and teacher.

The range of work that was produced on this theme, included a mixed soundtrack to the piece, an animated version of the image, painted collage, a short story and drawing.

You can see some pictures of some of the work produced below……

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‘Red’ – 6th September

We had out 3rd meetup group last night, which was great, responding to the theme ‘Red’.  A challenging one, as it is quite a provocative colour in many ways.  Again it was really interesting to see everyone’s work.

We had 6 people presenting work they had produced on this theme, including:

  • A set of 2 small paintings by Kelly Ryan (see above) inspired by what it means to be female, and the Handmaid’s Tail
  • Some great drawings and woodcuts by Lynn Thorn, based on flowers from her garden
  • A talk about the use of Red in a recent museum performance by Claire Frampton
  • A great drawing of some red flowers using felt tips and water, inspired by love and her parent’s garden, by Sarah Hughes
  • An interactive 360 Christmas card design using clever photography by Dan
  • And a painted skirt and embroidered paper piece inspired by my feelings towards red and self expression / identity

You can see some pictures of some of the work produced below……

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‘Trees’ – 5th July

We had out 1st meetup group last night, and there were 12 of us, which was great for the first group! For this meetup we were responding to the theme ‘Trees’.

We loved the fact that people felt comfortable enough to step out of their usual way of making art and try something completely new, and bring this along to the group. A great non-judgemental atmosphere and a genuinely supportive crowd.

For those of you not there, we had a whole range of creative contributions – a great (and funny) song composed and performed, some handmade paper, wedding photography including trees, some really inventive tree photography, a presentation on a theater project at the Ashmolean, and some paintings and drawings based on trees.

Here are a few pieces from the evening:

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